Obnoxious homophobes

Homophobia is a mental disease, resulting from ignorance, and sometimes arrogance. It can be avoided altogether by having an open mind and being brought up by intelligent, rational, and emotionally mature adults. Failing this, homophobia can still be cured by means of education, and forcible engagement with the real world.

The vicious and vocal minority of homophobes show acute symptoms of homophobia, resulting from self-hatred because they have repressed feelings, or from intense religious arrogance.

Warning: If you are under 18, please do not read the webpages linked below, because I have quoted many homophobes verbatim in those pages. In addition to the wild variation in their level of education and their ability to engage with reality in a rational manner according to the individual, the language they use can also descend into the most vulgar and disgusting level, including graphic descriptions of penetrative sex.

Against Reason

There is a homophobic hate group on Facebook called AGAINST the legalisation of homosexuality in Mauritius. This group is frequented by a number of vicious homophobes who are fully described in The Gay Agenda [Gay Agenda, 2:6] (http://www.gayagendabook.com/gayagenda.html#2_6)]. They want to deny equal civil rights to gay people based on their ignorance, arrogance and lies. The homophobes on this page regularly attempt to pretend that they are being rational in opposing equal civil rights for gay people. They achieve this by giving well-defined dictionary words (eg: animals, humans, moral, etc) completely original meanings that fit their twisted homophobic views, and by carefully bending logic to the extent they appear rational at first sight.

Click here to see the carefully crafted logical fallacies used in the hate group.

Cehl Meeah

Cehl Meeah is a democratically elected MP in the Republic of Mauritius. He has aspirations to a Ministerial role, the "Minister for social integration". Sadly, his religious training seems to have included the excision of common-sense when it comes to the separation of the Church and the State: he is totally unable to separate his personal, arbitrary, and cherry-picked religious prejudices from the civil rights of a vulnerable minority in a secular state. He regularly makes ignorant and arrogant homophobic comments in the press.

Click here to see the arrogant and fallacious arguments used by Honourable [sic] MP Cehl Meeah.

Jacqueline Le Blanc

Jacqueline Le Blanc is the director of "Action Familial" [sic] (English: Family action), a catholic organisation intended to help families. Sadly, Mrs. Le Blanc is intent on stopping gay people from protecting their families with the civil institution of marriage. She recently wrote an openly homophobic article in the national newspaper L'Express, entitled "Les droits des homosexuels et les droits des autres".

Click here to see the ignorant and arrogant homophobic comments by Jacqueline Le Blanc in L'Express.

I personally replied to Jacqueline's drivel, by posting in the comments section of the original article (linked above). A number of vocal homophobes disagreed with my points. One of them, Eric Bahloo, even goes as far as deliberately lying in his posts, intentionally misrepresenting my views several times:

Click here to see the ignorant, arrogant and intentionally deceitful comments by Eric Bahloo.

Other obnoxious homophobes

I have saved a huge number of quotes from many other homophobes I have discussed with in the past. I will write up rebuttals to their stupid arguments properly in the future.