Obnoxious homophobe: Eric Bahloo

The following quotes were written by Eric Bahloo in reply to my comments to a homophobic article written by Jacqueline Le Blanc from the so-called "Action Familial", entitled "Les droits des homosexuels et les droits des autres". Click here to read my critical appraisal of Jacqueline's original homophobic article itself.

Eric Bahloo is a vicious homophobe, willing to lie repeatedly and deliberately in his posts to make his points appear valid. He claims to have gay "friends", although one cannot help feeling sorry for these poor victims of Stockholm Syndrome.

[... to Nawal ...] your exposé is largely tainted by heinous hints such as your "Stonewall Inn riots that kicked off the Gay Liberation Front throughout the civilised world". I believe if you have recourse for these kind of arguments your struggle is bound to doomsday in advance and is far from having any chance to reach any shinny shore.

This is the first of the many lies by Eric Bahloo, as I certainly did not advocate violence at any point. I mentioned the Stonewall Riots in reference to Jacqueline's complaints that she didn't like Gay Pride Parades, and said Gay Pride Parades are not meant to make homophobes happy, but to commemorate the Stonewall Riots that kickstarted the civil rights movement for gay people around the world [Gay Agenda, 3:14].

Homosexuality is probably as old as the world itself and due ton [sic] Hightech communication lobbying and the Media has come or been brought to the forefront.

There comes a time when people from an oppressed minority decide to stand up for themselves [Gay Agenda, 1:7]. Gay people have been fighting for their civil rights in the courts, legislatives bodies and media in the Western world for over four decades, have made a huge amount of progress in these countries [Gay Agenda, 1:7]. It is now time for Mauritius to join the 21st century.

Now Homosexuals do not content themselves with their choice of life and having sex with someone of the same sex but they want more with marriage and children. How God can it emerge from a sterile union children and life ?

Reproduction is not a prerequisite to civil marriage [Gay Agenda, 4:14]. When given a chance, gay people can bring up families by using the same means that are available to sterile heterosexual couples: adoption, in-vitro fertilisation, sperm donation, and surrogacy [Gay Agenda, 4:17]. Gay couples need to be granted the civil right to marriage so that they can protect their loved ones [Gay Agenda, 3:5].

As Samy put it right again I do also have marvelous Homos friends too but they are realistic enough to understand that their union and choice of living cannot cope with pregnancy and children.

This is the same as starting a racist comment with "I have black friends, but...". All this homophobic bigot has done is claim that he is superior to his "friends". With a "friend" like him, these poor gay couples that Eric Bahloo claims he knows don't need enemies. They are victims of Stockholm syndrome [Gay Agenda, 4:35].

Children must in the best options be brought up by a mother and a father, not less but certainly not more.

Back in the real world, committed and loving gay couples are equally good at being parents as heterosexuals. In fact, lesbians appear to be better than heterosexuals in some cases [Gay Agenda, 3:4].

Just live your life peacefully even though you may have suffered from dirty 'bigots" or whatever like but please heterosexuals may also have the right to live a more conventional life without SODOMY (which for me is an improper way of having sex - the RECTUM being naturally a place for excrements thus viruses only not to welcome someone else's sex).

Sodomy appears to be a favourite topic among certain homophobes. It is entirely possible that these homophobes have tried anal sex and didn't enjoy it very much, or maybe they have an obsession for trying it, but don't want to go against the taboos of their society.

In the real world, many heterosexual couples engage in sodomy, many gay male couples do not engage in it, and lesbian couples lack the physiological appendage required for sodomy [Gay Agenda, 4:5]. Thus, the question of sodomy is completely irrelevant in the question of whether or not we should keep on oppressing gay people.

I certainly do live my life peacefully. I just need my civil rights now, for the same reason slaves did not want to live peacefully in a life of servitude. I don't see the point of paying taxes to fund Eric Bahloo's heterosexual lifestyle if he will stop the state from recognising my civil rights.

In addition to the above, Eric Bahloo posted some more pearls of arrogance in the same comments section. In the following, he repeats the false claim that I have advocated violence. His post was titled "GAYS and EXTREMISM" [sic]. From here onwards, his posts appear to be approaching the mad ravings of a lunatic.

If one listens to Nawal [...], one might construe their hue and cry on civil rights or whatever like those from people deprived from any single fundamental rights such right to vote or of expression.

Well...err...yes. The right to Family Life is a fundamental Human Right, guaranteed by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 12:No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 16: Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. [...] The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.

These Human Rights are denied to gay people in Mauritius, because they are emotionally bullied into feeling guilty for loving somebody they actually love, and are either forced to remain celibate or to marry somebody they don't love just to fit in with the prejudice of people around them.

Further, the rights, protections and priviledges of civil marriage are denied to gay people, based solely on their sexual orientation.

But there is nothing such in Mauritius [...] Some (a minority) GAYS and Homos are daily complaining as if they were a vast suffering majority.

They suffer daily, so it is only fair that some of them stand up and request to be treated as equal citizens of the Rebublic of Mauritius. There has never been a requirement for a victim of injustice to be in any majority before the injustice can be stopped.

But in reality the GAYS are pressuring up this society just like religious zealots do elsewhere in the free world to get control of the system and convert our children to their will & whims : paint everything in pink and set up Gay Pride festivals to replace Christmas for example!

As I said, his mad ravings become more and more concerning. No, we don't want to convert your children to do anything - we just want the gay children to be allowed to grow up into happy and fulfilled adults, not self-repressed monsters like Eric Bahloo [Gay Agenda, 4:37].

Oh, and no, we won't replace Christmas by Gay Pride. This is just another of Eric Bahloo's lies. It is no more than a strawman argument.

Gay Pride is the commemoration of the Stonewall Riots and the peaceful request that we be given our civil rights, please.

Let me reassure you my friends, I have nothing against people having ANAL SEX so long they don't pretend to our young men and children that it's safe, normal and clean sex as it's everything but that.

Once again, Eric Bahloo has another sudden bout of excitement thinking about anal sex. Nobody pretends unprotected sex is safe (aside possibly from the Catholic Pope, who thinks condoms help to make the AIDS problem worse, when in the real world, condoms and education have been the only things that worked). Unprotected heterosexual sex with multiple partners is just as dangerous as unprotected homosexual sex with multiple partners.

I really don't care about HOMOS doing privately what they fancy to each other so long they do it peacefully without pointing at the Society as if we were MONSTERS and responsible for their abnormality.

Yes, homophobic bigots like Eric Bahloo are the monsters that are keeping an arbitrary minority of Mauritian citizens oppressed, for no other reason than ignorance, prejudice and personal arrogance. Eric Bahloo does have an intense obsession with what gay male couples do privately in their rooms, but he is also mixing up "sexual relationship" with "relationship"/marriage. Gay couples deserve the right to civil marriage.

People having sex with the same sex (HOMOS) and who want more - even by means of VIOLENCE like suggested by Nawal - are just to be viewed as EXTREMISTS or TERRORISTS.

Yes, we want equal civil rights. No, I never advocated violence, or terrorism. Again, this is another strawman argument, and this is bordering on character assasination. Mr. Eric Bahloo has to resort to his level of dishonesty, because his arguments from his fantasies do not withstand the test of reality.

Whilst you're talking about your so called civil rights (marriage - who's going to be the wife ? - and adoption (who is going to feed the baby ?) - a lot of people are striving for just a miserable salary ! Who cares ?

Mr. Eric Bahloo is a blatant hypocrite. If he really cares about poor people struggling to make a living, why is he spending so much time and energy fighting against the civil rights of an oppressed minority?

Further, his homophobic and misogynist little mind needs the signposts of established cultural prejudice to find its miserable way. He wants to know which of the two male partners will be the "wife" - no doubt his idea of a relationship or marriage is limited to penetrative sex and the wife's place is in the kitchen.

In the real world, gay couples share household tasks in the same way modern heterosexuals do it - the 21st century woman is not expected to spend her life making food and babies, but to have an equal part to play in the household.

Further, the one getting adopted is the homeless child that heterosexual parents decided to abandon or were not capable of bringing up.

At this point, Eric Bahloo probably realised his posts were sounding more and more desperate, so he attempted to tone down his language in his next post.

Je comprends parfaitement la quête de reconnaissance à son appartenance homosexuelle que recherche notre ami NAWAL. Je comprends également que dans son envie de se sentir comme tout le monde, en ayant la possibilité de se marier et d'avoir des enfants.

I will bet that the reader can guess what will follow this apparent understanding.

[...] tout gouvernement a l'obligation de protéger tous ces citoyens indistinctement de sa race, couleur, religion ou pratique sexuelle. Mais je suis souscris aussi à [...] l'effet que, sans rejeter les Homosexuels en tant qu'êtres humains, (et de quel droit d'ailleurs je me permettrais de le faire !) je rejette entièrement - mis à part nos considérations religieuses respectives - la pratique homosexuelle et la sodomie qui sont des pratiques purement anormales pour des raisons si ce n'est MEDICALES (la sodomie c'est sale).

Once again, Eric Bahloo's obsession with sodomy reappears. For reminders, many heterosexuals engage in sodomy, many gay male couples don't and lesbian couples lack the psychological appendage for this. Sodomy has no relevance in the civil right of marriage.

Un ami homosexuel - en pleurs - me confia un jour ce qui l'avait véritablement conduit à cet état dont peut-être NAWAL lui-même pourrait avoir une idée. Selon lui, ce sont les attouchements et ensuite le viol subi à l'âge de 9 ans par un ami de la famille, homosexuel lui-même, qui lui auraient complètement fait perdre les pédales. A l'adolescence, il était un peu perdu ne sachant pas vraiment s'il devait aller vers les filles qui, naturellement, l'attiraient tout de même, ou vers les garçons car ce viol selon son propre dire l'a complètement perturbé et troublé

Eric Bahloo is drawing very important conclusions, that he considers valid across the gay community, from a stastical sample of one example. This is no more than an argument from his personal arrogance. I don't doubt that rape can mess with a child's head, but to even think this is relevant in the question of civil marriage for gay people is extremely disturbing. Would Eric Bahloo deny all heterosexual black people the right to civil marriage if a black male rapes a female child? It shows that Eric Bahloo has severe mental issues if he cannot tell the difference between rape and consensual relationships [Gay Agenda, 4:12].

Further, I would like to put to rest any doubt from the first sentence in this quote: I wasn't raped. I have been gay for as long as I have had a sexuality at all, although I had to hide this for a decade because I wasn't ready to face the persecution and emotional bullying.

Je crois sincèrement que l'homosexualité - si pour des raisons diverses - peut être congénitale (nous avons tous vu un jour - sans doute rarement contrairement à ce que pourrait avancer notre 'learned friend' NAWAL - certains garçons au look androgyne et aux manières très efféminées), l'homosexualité de manière générale correspond nettement plus - et je n'ai pas fait vraiment d'étude là-dessus - à un phénomène de mode. Certains la découvrent sous la douche de leur dortoir universitaire en Europe ou d'autres sous celle de la prison de Beau-Bassin.

Once again, Eric Bahloo is unable to engage with the real world. Firstly, the set of feminine acting/sounding men and the set of gay men are two different sets, that do overlap, but not completely.

Let me put this differently for emphasis: some heterosexual men are effeminate, most heterosexual men are very manly, some gay men are effeminate, and most gay men are very manly. Eric Bahloo's confusion between the two shows that he lets his ignorance take a leading role in his public discourse.

Further, he seems to think that most gay men somehow learn to be gay. His reference to the "University showers in Europe", is probably a personal fantasy of his. In the real world, many gay Mauritians are only able to come out of their miserable closet when they go to University in certain enlightened European countries, as the oppression in Mauritius has worked only too well for too long [Gay Agenda, 4:28].

Eric Bahloo's idea that somebody can turn gay in a shower or after being raped in prison is completely disconnected from the real world. In the real world, sexual orientation is a biological phonomenon, not a cultural or historical one.

Certes l'homosexualité ne date pas d'hier et se pratiquait déjà dans la Grèce ancienne (SPARTE requérait à ses citoyens une relation pédérastique et THEBES et son célèbre bataillon sacré de 300 combattants formé de couples pédérastiques) et ailleurs chez les Moines (les SAMOURAIS et leurs novices ou en Europe (la pédérastie était tellement répandue dans la ville de Florence en 1432 qu'il fallut créer un véritable bataillon pour la combattre).

Once again, Eric Bahloo is confused between homosexuality and paedophillia. His little mind is unable to tell the difference.

Tout ça pour dire que l'homosexualité - en tout humilité - n'est qu'une pratique sexuelle hors norme dont il faut à tout prix protéger nos enfants. Un enfant est par essence innocent et ne mérite pas d'être conduit dans des sentiers qui pervertiraient son éducation.

Eric Bahloo has a rather strange way of showing humility - by claiming superiority above an arbitrary minority he doesn't like. Further, he wants to suppress all evidence of happy, successful and healthy gay couples, so that he can go on forcing his own fantasies on children [Gay Agenda, 4:37]. Children deserve the right to know that gay couples exist, in the same way they know heterosexual couples exist. Children don't need to know the mechanics of gay or lesbian sex, any more than they need to know the mechanics of penetrative heterosexual sex at a young age.

Celle-ci est le propre d'une maman et d'un papa au meilleur des cas, et la société en serait responsable en cas d'abandon ou de décès d'un ou des deux parents. Tout mélanger serait que le mariage homosexuel devienne une formalité qui n'aurait finalement aucun sens parce que par définition, le mariage est le fait d'un homme et d'une femme.

Marriage was once the contract controlling the trade of women and girls between tribes of savages [Gay Agenda, 4:7], then it was about the dominion of men over women. At one time, it was defined as a man and a woman of the same race. There is no reason why it can't change once again, and become a democratic institution.

Tout mélanger serait que l'adoption d'un enfant par un couple homosexuel devienne également une formalité. Imaginez que l'un des partenaires homos soit en plus pédophiles !

Once again, Eric Bahloo is confused between gay people and paedophilia. For reminders, most cases of paedophilia are committed by heterosexual men on little girls. Gay men are no more likely to be paedophiles than heterosexuals.

Parce que les pédophiles, il y en a partout que ce soit chez les hétéros ou les homos. Or, ce que nous fait croire NAWAL, un peu de manière naÏve, c'est que tout est ROSE chez les homos !

I absolutely never claimed any such thing. Once again, Eric Bahloo is lying. He is presenting false information to support his fantasies, engaging in libel in the process.

Aussi, tous ceux qui ne sont pas d'accord avec lui, sont traités de IDIOTS, BIGOTS, BUFFOONS, MONSTERS,.. et j'en passe.

Guilty as charged. I did, indeed, call the people who disagreed with me "idiots", "bigots", "buffoons" and "monsters". I did not call them these names because they disagreed with me - that would have been an ad hominem argument. No, instead, I showed systematically that each and every one of their arguments were based on ignorance and arrogance. I then concluded that they deserved these "insulting" names, according to the respective definitions in the Oxford dictionary.

[...] Mais on peut facilement s'apercevoir qu'à la moindre secousse, NAWAL est complètement déstabilisé et se laisse aller dans les insultes (citées plus haut)

This is a common misconception even among people who have known me for a while. I do not feel anger towards hateful, deceitful, mysogynist, arrogant, bigotted and homophobic pricks like Eric Bahloo. My feelings towards their kind are well summarised by the words "disgust" and "contempt" [Gay Agenda, 2:15]. The "insults" were used in strict accordance with the Oxford English Dictionary.

[Nawal ...] et fait même allusion à la VIOLENCE. Bref, NAWAL est prêt à tous les EXTREMES pour que son état d'homosexuel soit reconnu[...].

I have now lost count of how many times he has used this lie. I have not advocated violence and do not condone violence. As Assimov said, violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. I would rather destroy the homophobic arguments on a point-by-point basis and make it clear to rational, educated, intelligent and emotionally stable adults.

Ce n'est pas parce qu'en France, Islande, New York ou ailleurs, on marche à poil dans les rues qu'il faut faire pareil à Maurice NAWAL ..!

Well it's not because women were given the vote in France, Iceland, New York and other places that Mauritian women should be allowed to vote [Gay Agenda, 4:30]. They should be allowed to vote because they are human beings, equally worthy as men. It's not because slavery was abolished in France, Iceland, New York and other places that we should keep the ban on slavery. Similarly, it's because slavery is unfair towards human beings. It's not because France, Iceland, New York and other places have finally allowed gay couples to marry after decades of Gay Pride protests and civic activity that we should stop gay people from marrying in Mauritius.

On another note, I don't believe Eric Bahloo's accusation that they were naked. I think Eric Bahloo is lying, once again - not a new behaviour from him. If anyone was really naked at the Gay Pride Parade, the police would have arrested them for a public decency offence.

Sorry, je ne suis qu'un pauvre petit IDIOT à l'esprit rétréci face à vous [...] mon cher NAWAL.

That's right, I fully agree. I think the following is the best quote from Eric Bahloo for ending this discussion:

So please Nawal don't take your fantasies for reality.

It is quite clear that Eric Bahloo is unable to engage with reality, and he is projecting his failures on me. In the real world, [Gay Agenda, 0:4], gay people are equally valuable to society as heterosexuals, and are equally worthy of respect, dignity and civil rights.