Obnoxious homophobe: Cehl Meeah

Cehl Meeah is a democratically elected MP in the Republic of Mauritius. He has aspirations to a Ministerial role, the "Minister for social integration". Sadly, his religious training seems to have included the excision of common-sense when it comes to the separation of the Church and the State: he is totally unable to separate his personal, arbitrary, and cherry-picked religious prejudices from the civil rights of a vulnerable minority in a secular state. He is a Type III homophobe [Gay Agenda, 2:11]. He regularly makes ignorant and arrogant homophobic comments in the press. He is so blinded by his religious views that he starts to think of himself as a medical doctor, professing to diagnose gay people with all manners of mental sickness [Gay Agenda, 4:22].

The following comments were made in two articles in the national newspapers Le Défi, here, here, as well as in L'Express here and here.

He claims that he speaks for all the religious people in Mauritius, and fraudulently claims that they all condemn gay people:

les trois grandes communautés [hindu, muslim and christian] condamnent avec force et vigueur l'homosexualité. Elles disent que c'est contre la nature et cette action gouvernementale apportera la colère divine.

[...] Elle (the Mauritian population) est composée d'hindous, de chrétiens et de musulmans. Ces religions condamnent avec force l'homosexualité

[...] Cela [homosexuality] va à l'encontre de tous les principes religieux et nous savons que le peuple mauricien est très croyant.

In the real world, hinduism, the majority religion in Mauritius, does not condemn homosexuality from religious arguments [Gay Agenda, 4:3].

Mr. Meeah even claims that others think homosexuality is "against nature". In the real world, homosexuality has been observed in hundreds of species of animals [Gay Agenda, 4:20].

Je me porte volontaire au nom de la population pour bloquer cette légalisation.

Cehl Meeah's repeated attempts to claim to represent others without their consent and his inability to engage with reality, are common behaviours amongst vicious homophobic bigots of his kind.

In addition to his Orwellian doublespeak and his false pretense of speaking for others, he goes further and claims divine authority in his holy crusade against an arbitrary minority of law-abiding and tax-paying Mauritian citizens [Gay Agenda, 4:1]:

C'est le créateur qui a créé les hommes et les femmes, chacun selon sa nature.

l'homosexualité est un péché grave aux yeux du Créateur

En ce qui concerne la reconnaissance des droits humains, il nous faut reconnaître le droit de la nature avant tout.

Once again, Honourable [sic] MP Cehl Meeah shows his lack of qualifications to repesent the citizens of Mauritius:

Le gouvernement n'a pas le droit moral de signer cette convention [Nawal's note: UN Human Rights council resolution A/HRC/17/L.9/Rev.1], parce que cela n'était pas inclus dans son programme. Il n'était mandaté par aucune voix et n'a pas dit à la population qu'il prenait une telle position [...].

He was indeed elected by a majority in his constituency, but he needs to realise that he is not paid to represent the majority of Mauritians that vote for him, but all the citizens of Mauritius. In this case, the Government does not need to consult the homophobic bigot Mr. Meeah before supporting a UN resolution that says "let's try to be nice to gay people for once" any more than Russia needs to consult the skinheads before supporting a resolution that says "let's stop with the racism, already."

Il n'y a pas de doute. Lorsque l'on met un "select committee" en place, nous allons vers la légalisation de la sodomie, de l'homosexualité, du lesbianisme. C'est la calamité divine qu'ils cherchent.

Il [God] est l'initiateur de la création et de la nature qui habite sur son territoire. Nous ne pouvons pas contredire la nature que le créateur a donnée à ses créatures.

In his infinite religious arrogance, Mr. Meeah claims to have divine authority to dictate the activities of a minority of consensual adult citizens of Mauritius. Further, he shows a very disturbing lack of understanding of the Natural World. It is not entirely clear what sorts of calamity he has in mind, but ignorant bigots of his kind typically worry about extreme cyclones, droughts, earthquakes and volcanic activity from a vengeful god [Gay Agenda, 4:6].

Je dis que c'est la perversion et cela va emmener la colère de Dieu.

In the real world, hundreds of countries do not condemn homosexuality, and ten countries allow gay couples to enter civil marriage. None of them are particularly famous for any natural disasters that followed decriminalisation of homosexuality or legalisation of marriage for gay couples.

It is clear that Mr. Meeah is woefully underestimating the intelligence and education of the average Mauritian. His own pre-frontal lobotomy by religious indoctrination is by no means a common trait of the majority of intelligent, rational and emotionally stable Mauritians. Most Mauritians understand that people have very different and contradictory views on religions, and that the personal, arbitrary and accidentally selected (by birth) views of a religious minority has no place in the civil rights of another arbitrary minority in a secular state.

Franchement, si une personne est malade, il faut la soigner. [...]

L'homosexualité est une maladie et vous devez passer par une thérapie.

Once again, Mr. Meeah shows his acute inability to engage with reality. In the real world, it has been shown beyond reasonable doubt that homosexuality is not a medical condition [Gay Agenda, 4:22], and that sexual orientation cannot be changed, despite the fraudulent claims by a number of dishonest organisations that prey on vulnerable people that are so desperate to fit in with their homophobic communities that they are willing to inflict a horrible amount of mental anguish on themselves and destroy a part of their humanity [Gay Agenda, 2:8].

[...] la force de notre pays se trouve dans la tolérance [...]

C'est un combat obligatoire que nous menons pour la défense de l'intégrité de la population.

It is ironic that this man keeps talking about "integrity" and "tolerance", and yet he keeps spending a lot of resources on persecuting an arbitrary minority of vulnerable Mauritian citizens:

Nous faisons du porte-à-porte et nous rencontrons des intellectuels ainsi que des religieux. Nous avons déjà mis sur pied un comité et nous tiendrons un grand rassemblement où les chefs religieux devront participer pour donner leurs points de vue sur la question.

Je pense que le ministère de l'Intégration sociale me conviendrait.

This sounds like the Coyotte from ACME asking to be appointed Minister for the protection of Road Runner. He is completely unfit for integrating anyone anywhere. He doesn't understand the first thing about the separation of the Church and the State, and insists on using his religious bigotry to deny an arbitrary minority equal civil rights.

Avec les contacts dont je dispose à l'étranger, je pourrai obtenir des fonds considérables pour éradiquer la pauvreté dans le pays. [...] Je ne pourrai pas travailler au sein d'un gouvernement qui encourage l'homosexualité.

This sounds horribly like he is willing to buy his way into Government. Even if he really wants to help poor people by donating money, he has no right to persecute an arbitrary minority in exchange. Who will he turn his religious bigotry on next? This man must be kept away from Government at all costs.