Obnoxious homophobes - Against Reason

There is a homophobic hate group on Facebook called AGAINST the legalisation of homosexuality in Mauritius. This group is frequented by a number of vicious homophobes who are fully described in The Gay Agenda [Gay Agenda, 2:6].

They want to deny equal civil rights to gay people based on their ignorance, arrogance and lies. The homophobes on this page regularly attempt to pretend that they are being rational in opposing equal civil rights for gay people. They achieve this by giving well-defined dictionary words (eg: animals, humans, moral, etc) completely original meanings that fit their twisted homophobic views, and by carefully bending logic to the extent they appear rational at first sight.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that in every single homophobic post where the homophobe pretends to be reasonable relies completely on well-understood fallacies in reasoning, such as non-sequiturs ("promiscuous gay men are overrepresented in the AIDS statistics" -> "we must ban monogamous gay men from marrying"), equivocation ("It's against nature." -> "Well, homosexuality is present in Nature." -> "I meant human nature." -> "Well, gay humans exist, and homosexuality is a natural variation in sexual orientation." -> "I meant it's against nature according to my personal, arbitrary, accidentally selected beliefs.") and ad hominems, as well as complete failures to engage in a mature, adult debate, by failing to fulfill the burdens of proof and rejoinder. Others have been very honest, albeit without realising that they are sinking their own ships, by directly insulting me whenever I make it too obvious that they are not being reasonable.

I will now visit this Facebook group regularly, and quote the homophobic posts on the new webpage. This will make it easy to collect in an easily accessible form all the failures in reasoning that happens in this group, and repetitive homophobic arguments (eg: "It's against nature." -> "In the real world, homosexuality has been observed in Nature." -> "Well, animals also eat their young/eat their own shit/rape/murder." -> "I never said we should imitate non-human animals. Read my post again." -> "Well I just don't like it.")

Monday 19th September 2011: Muntasir

Muntasir Nunhuck : you r all against nature. i would rather say an anomally of nature. my anus is only for shitting and nothing else.

A certain class of homophobes (the self-repressed homosexual homophobes, Gay Agenda, 2:7) have an unhealthy obsession with the idea of anal sex whenever they think of gay people. Back in the real world, many heterosexuals engage in anal sex, many gay men don't, and lesbians can't. Whether or not a given homophobic bigot is aroused by the idea of anal sex is completely irrelevant when it comes to the civil rights of gay people in a secular democracy. This is an example of the non-sequitur: the stated aims, that we should deny equal civil rights to gay people, does not follow at all from the display of obsession with anal sex by Muntasir.

Further, the "against nature" argument is an excellent example of the equivocation fallacy. In this case, the meaning of "against nature" will change subtly during the discussion in the following manner: "It's against nature." -> "Well, homosexuality is present in Nature." -> "I meant human nature." -> "Well, gay humans exist, and homosexuality is a natural variation in sexual orientation." -> "I meant it's against nature according to my personal, arbitrary, accidentally selected beliefs."

Muntasir Nunhuck : it's your accidentally selected belief that homosexuals are not against nature. ask yourself: what is the purpose of the male's and female's reproductive organs??? (according to nature of course)

Look ma - I can breed - I can't possibly be gay, right? Once again, these bigots clearly express their idea of love, sex, and marriage: breeding. They can't even imagine what a healthy loving relationship would be like.

Monday 19th September 2011: Taza

Taza Syn Valo: Basing myself on science..tell me yourself how would a gays procreate???

The same way infertile/barren heterosexual couples manage it - in-vitro, sperm donation, surrogacy, adoption.

Taza Syn Valo: Theres a ratio of about 3 women to 1 man in the world..

Deliberate lie: the numbers are completely made up, to make it appear as if polygamy by males is necessary to ensure all women can be bred.

Taza Syn Valo: and if guys becomes gays..what will happen to the rest of humanity?? does the women become lesbians??? So what will happen?? there won't be generation to come?? And it certainly bring to the end of our planet if there won't be a generation to look after her!!

Further, this homophobic bigot betrays his own hidden homosexual feelings or his fear of rejection by a repressed homosexual partner , by expressing his fear that everybody will turn gay. Of course, in the real world, no more than 10% of any human population is gay.

Taza Syn Valo: so i think your gay agenda contradicts you.. because how can people live happily by knowing they are destroying the place where they live???

Excuse me? Destroying? No, The Gay Agenda is meant to show that all homophobic excuses that are used to deny gay people equal civil rights are based on ignorance, arrogance and lies. It will make Mauritius a better place, where everybody, whether gay or heterosexual is able to live happily and contribute to society.

Taza Syn Valo: And when you say in real world?? its your world?? not the world everyone is living??means our world is virtual and yours reality??

Not virtual - homophobes live in a fantasy world where gay people are somehow inferior to the homophobe. This is no different from the rasict's narrow minded world view, where his own race is superior.

Taza Syn Valo: How can someone who cannot make a child be a balance person..even someone impotent but hetero won't be a balance person

It is unclear what a "balance person" is, but I can tell that Taza isn't one if he thinks breeding is a pre-requisite to personhood.

Taza Syn Valo: And maturity is not gain from aging or experience but from researching..I think you have not done your research well Its not about ignorance but am sure as hell that am full arrogance because i know i can make a child out of a women and that am not destroying my planet

It is completely unclear to me how not making a child destroys the planet, while making a child will save the planet. Remember no more than 10% of any human population is ever gay.

Taza Syn Valo: About lies check out my hetero agenda.. If you want to look at the hetero agenda then, Bend a little, shove your fist in your ass..just when you feel some smooth paper in the left side of your ass you get in touch with the agenda Thats call pure arrogance.. and am proud to be an arrogant hetero sexual

How lovely. Once the bigot can no longer pretend to be reasonable, he descends into obscene description of his fantasies in public.

Friday 7th October 2011

Faawaaz Jaufur is a homophobic and mysogynist religious fundamentalist. He thinks that his religion is the only one that is truly of divine origin. He is also paranoid that others are out to destroy him and his religious beliefs, and he commonly claims that I am a member of the Freemasons (how does one even apply for entry?).

I strongly suspect that he is either a self-repressed homosexual that became a homohobe from the intense self-hatred, or a bisexual that is terrified by the homosexual thoughts that he is unable to control. In the following paragraphs, I provide several quotes from his lunatic ravings on abovementionned the Facebook group.

Faawaaz Jaufur: its z best religion

Faawaaz Jaufur: the true one

As I mentionned, Faawaaz Jaufur makes a number of statements that strongly suggest that he is either bisexual or gay. He appears to think that sexual orientation can change:

Faawaaz Jaufur: no one is born gay its just an adaptation

Faawaaz Jaufur: thnk ALLAH ALMIGHTY im born heterosexual and im still a heterosexual im not like those who took the feminine side

Somehow, being gay means that the person "took the feminine side", and somehow "taking the feminine side" is a bad thing. This is 21st century Mauritius. Thank God, most Mauritian men aren't as immature as this bigot. The majority of Mauritian men are intelligent, rational and emotionally stable, and respect women.

I have repeatedly asked him the question "Have you ever struggled with homosexual thoughts, Fawaaz?", and he has evaded answering the question for several months now:

Faawaaz Jaufur: i struggle wiz z question why u guys r gay...zer r sooo many beautiful girls around , the world consists of more female then males so why u guys r gay

Faawaaz Jaufur: i dnt fink like homosexuals n i hv my fiancee n we live marvelously by ALLAH's grace

Right, having a fiancee must definitely mean he's a heterosexual. Oh no wait: Remember Rev. Ted Haggard? And the dozens others on http://gayhomophobe.com/?

Faawaaz Jaufur: why should i struggle wiz zis kinda thoughts wer there are only the wrath of GOD on those ppl whp try to immitate the opposite sex

Right. Why should he struggle with homosexual thoughts if his God will do nasty things to gay people? Yeah, that totally answers the question. Not.

Faawaaz Jaufur is also obsessed with anal sex, far more than any gay man I have ever spoken to. The following are just a small selection of his repeated references to anal sex as an excuse to deny equal civil rights to gay people, despite the fact that many gay men don't engage in anal sex, many heterosexuals practise anal sex and lesbians can't engage in that.

Faawaaz Jaufur: A 1997 CDC report found that among homosexuals who had unprotected anal intercourse and multiple sexual partners, 68 percent were entirely unaware of the HIV status of their partners.

Faawaaz Jaufur: A September 2010 report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported : "Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) represent approximately 2% of the US population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV and are the only risk group in which new HIV infections have been increasing steadily since the early 1990s.

Faawaaz Jaufur: u r sayin the gay men dont do anal b kuma zt get into sex alors

Faawaaz Jaufur: Ne laisse pas ton trou de sorti devenir un trou d'entrer :-)

[Nawal's note: Meaning, don't make the exit hole become the entrance hole.]

Faawaaz Jaufur: In relation to homosexuality and AIDS, the original spread of AIDS is generally attributed to the promiscuity of homosexual men. Originally the syndrome was called the "gay disease" because the overwhelming majority of patients were homosexual men.

Faawaaz Jaufur: go and check wat CDC say abt AIDS frm 1981 till 2000 then u come and talk. '... Male to male sex has been the most common mode of exposure among persons reported with AIDS (46%), followed by injection drug use (25%) and heterosexual contact (11%)...'

Faawaaz Jaufur: Regarding homosexuality and promiscuity, in 2004 the Baptist Press reported the following: "A new study by a group of University of Chicago researchers reveals a high level of promiscuity and unhealthy behavior among that city's homosexual male population. According to the researchers, 42.9 percent of homosexual men in Chicago's Shoreland area have had more than 60 sexual partners, while an additional 18.4 percent have had between 31 and 60 partners...As a result, 55.1 percent of homosexual males in Shoreland -- known as Chicago's "gay center" -- have at least one sexually transmitted disease, researchers said."

Faawaaz Jaufur: ‎'... Male to male sex has been the most common mode of exposure among persons reported with AIDS (46%), followed by injection drug use (25%) and heterosexual contact (11%)...' -CDC report

Despite Faawaaz's obsession with anal sex, and statistics about polygamous relationships involving anal sex, the data that he shows only speaks against polygamous relationships with untested partners. In fact, rather than discouraging gay people from marrying, his statistics clearly show we should be teaching polygamous gay men to reconsider, and enter monogamous relationships.

As I mentionned, Faawaaz is paranoid that the Freemasons are out to get him. When I asked him "You mean you live in the heterosexual lifestyle because your religion tells you that your God would punish you otherwise. Is that correct?", he replied:

Faawaaz Jaufur: may b ur free masons their one eye ' god ' have loads more to tell u so dat u can add in ur gay agenda

Once again, when I accused him of religious bigotry for repeatedly bringing his personal, arbitrary, accidentally selected (by birth) religious beliefs into the question of equal civil rights for gay people in a secular democracy, he claims:

Faawaaz Jaufur: i knew u wud say religious bigotry blablabla but u knw wot the free masons have already brain wash u. We can say whatever we want but that won't affect much on u koz uve already bcome the slave of the devil

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