Friendly people

Despite what the homophobes want you to believe, there is a huge number of people out there that are very open minded, welcoming and tolerant. Many people, gay or heterosexual, are fighting every day for equal civil rights for gay people.

It Gets Better

A civil rights campaigner, Dan Savage, has started a project called “It gets better”, where thousands of LGBT people of all ages, colours and genders talk about their experiences growing up, the bullying, the loneliness, but most important of all, they also tell you how much better things got for them. Today, many of these gay people work for Pixar, Disney, IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many other corporations and governments that recognise their contributions. Some of the videos are also made by heterosexual relatives of gay people or simply heterosexual people who want to make life better for gay people. It can happen for you too — you too can be free, you too can have a partner that you absolutely love, you too can have a partner that loves you back exactly the way you are, no more pretending, no more hiding, you can live your life as a free man or woman. You should know that things are going to change. Things will get better. You can visit the website at this address:

Collectif arcenciel

The Collectif Arcenciel is an organisation fighting for equal civil rights for gay people in Mauritius, since 2005. Please visit their website, and join them on Facebook!


This is the International, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. They have been fighting for equal civil rights for gay people since 1978. ILGA recently achieved UN accreditation, although Mauritius abstained to vote, after the squealing of vicious homophobes last time our government supported the rights of gay people at the UN. The ILGA website is found at