The Gay Agenda

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Whether you're gay, bisexual, transgender or heterosexual, a small minority of vicious homophobes want you to believe that LGBT people, are somehow abnormal, inferior, less worthy, or downright evil when compared to heterosexuals. Many LGBT people even grow up believing this nonsense, because of the constant emotional bullying and brainwashing.

In the real world, gay, bisexual and transgender men and women, can and do grow up to be mature and well balanced adults, if they are given the chance in a safe environment. LGBT people can, and do live happy, intellectually and emotionally fulfilled lives; they build successful careers and maintain successful loving relationships. They can form happy families and bring up happy, well balanced and tolerant heterosexual or gay children.

On this website, I demonstrate how each and every single argument that is used to deny equal civil rights to gay couples is based on ignorance, arrogance and sometimes lies. Click on the red button below to read The Gay Agenda online.

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This book is also available as a PDF document. Feel free to distribute it!

Mature, intelligent, rational and emotionally stable people tend to support equal civil rights for gay people.

Ignorant, arrogant or emotionally unstable people can be vicious and vocal homophobes.

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